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Programmes in Poland

Here you can find a list of institutions and their grants, scholarships and other programmes which enable foreign researchers to conduct research in Poland or cooperate with Polish scientists:


The National Science Centre supports basic research by funding research projects carried out by individual researchres and research teams, both on the domestic and international level, as well as doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. The Centre announces calls for proposals four times a year. Grantees of the Centre must be employed at a Polish host institution.

Which disciplines: all

Applicants can be of any nationality

List of programmes


Activity: Is a non-profit organization, the biggest non-public source of financing science in Poland. The main objectives of the Foundation are: support to excellent scientists and research teams, which contribute to the development of Polish science. The Foundation awards prizes and scholarships and contributes to career developement of researchers by financing training courses, mentoring programmes, seminars, etc.  More information
FNP current programmes for foreign researchers:
1. For German scientists:
Deadline: 30 September each year
Which disciplines: all
- COPERNICUS AWARD - the Polish-German Scientific Award in any discipline
Deadline: every two years
2. For researchers of ANY NATIONALITY:
- IDEAS FOR POLAND - for European Research Council Starting Grants winners who want to conduct their scientific research in any discipline  in Poland.
 Deadline: applications are accepted on rolling basis
- FNP PRIZE - one of the most prestigous prizes in Poland, awarded to Polish scientists and foreign researchers working in Poland or who work on fields related to Poland. Eligible disciplines: life sciences, chemical and material sciences, mathematics, physics and engineering, humanities and social sciences.

- SKILLS - Training - training seminars on soft skills such as research management, technology transfer, science popularisation and communication. The programme is open to scientists and PhD candidates working and studying in Poland. Deadline: on running basis

Other FNP programmes


Activity: The International Visegrad Fund is an inter­na­tional orga­ni­sa­tion based in Bratislava, founded by the gov­ern­ments of the Visegrad Group countries—the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic. The pur­pose of the Fund is to facil­i­tate and pro­mote the devel­op­ment of closer coop­er­a­tion among the coun­tries (and of V4 coun­tries with other coun­tries, espe­cially but not exclu­sively non-EU mem­ber states in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus) through the sup­port of com­mon cul­tural, sci­en­tific and edu­ca­tional projects, youth exchanges, cross-border projects and tourism promotion. More information 
Which disciplines: all
Who can apply:
Individuals: students and researchers from (depending on the scholarship): Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine.
Institutions: non-governmental orga­ni­za­tions (NGOs), munic­i­pal­i­ties and local or regional gov­ern­ments, schools and uni­ver­si­ties, private companies
More information: about grants,
Deadline: 31 January each year (12:00)


Activity: The Society promotes scholarship as well as academic and educational exchange and cooperation between Poland and Germany and other countries; 
It contributes to learning the language, country and culture and to the development of contacts and cultural exchange between people of Poland and Germany; More information
Which disciplines: all
Who can apply: undergraduates, graduates
More information about programmes
Activity: The Polish Fulbright Program is the largest in Eastern and Central Europe as well as the most prestigious and continuous academic exchange program between Poland and the United States. The general objective of the Fulbright Commission is to conduct educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries. The Commission supports studies, research, and other educational activities of American and Polish educators, scholars, and institutions. More information
Which disciplines: all
Who can apply: students, trainees, scholars, teachers, instructors, professors


Activity: The Foundation is dedicated to promoting understanding and friendship between the peoples of Poland and the United States through educational, scientific, and cultural exchanges and other related programs and activities. It awards fellowships and grants and helps to increase the visibility and prestige of Polish culture in America's pluralistic society by sponsoring exhibits, publications, film festivals, etc.  More information

Which disciplines: all
Who can apply: undergraduate,graduate students, scholars, scientists, professionals, artists
More information about scholarships
Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit
Activity: The Foundation lends financial support to economic, cultural, literary, artistic and educational activities which are the object of common interest of Poland and Germany; it finances scientific research that promotes knowledge about Germany and Central and Eastern Europe as well as projects enhancing Poland’s integration with the UE, seminars, and conferences. More information
Which disciplines: all

Who can apply: undergraduate, graduate students, PhD students

More information about projects (in German or Polish)


The German Academic Exchange Service
Activity: DAAD is a big funding organisation which supports international exchange of students and scholars, offering financial support for research projects and education in many countries, including Poland. More information
Which disciplines: all
Who can apply: German residents: students, PhD students, postdocs, researchers at different stages of their careers
More information about programmes
Thesaurus Poloniae programme
Activity: The Centre imlements a 3-month fellowship - Thesaurus Poloniae - financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. The programme is addressed to researchers not residing in Poland who conduct research connected with Polish history and culture.

Who can apply: PhD candidates and experienced researchers

Which disciplines: history, culture and multicultural heritage of Poland

More information about the programme 


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