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Information for citizens of third countries


Third countries mean countries other than: theEuropean Union member states, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the UK (till end of 2020 - brexit transition period)


Third country citizens entering Poland have to be able to justify the purpose and conditions of the planned stay in Poland and has to provide the following documents in case of the border control:



Third country citizens can enter Poland based on one of the following:



You can stay in Poland within the periods permitted by the abovementioned documents. If you plan to stay in Poland longer, you need to legalise your stay by obtaining a residence permit (residence card).


Another possibility to enter Poland - intra-EU mobility

Foreign scientists who hold a residence permit or a long-term visa (with annotation "researcher") issued by one European Union country can go to other EU countries, including Poland, for the purpose of conducting part of their scientific research for the period of up to 180 days in any period of 360 days. This rule is called short-term mobility of researchers and applies also to family members of the scientists.

One of the conditions that have to be met before entering Poland is informing the Polish Office for Foreigners about the planned visit in Poland. The written notification (in Polish) should be sent to the Office at least 30 days before entering Poland by the Polish research institution that will host the researcher.

More information about short-term mobility of researchers

More information about short-term mobility of family members

A similar rule applies to the intra-EU mobility of students - see more information.


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