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The Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics PAS invites applications for Post-doc position at the CTP PAS, financed from the project “Near-term quantum computers: challenges, optimal implementations and applications”

Project is carried out within the Team-Net programme of the Foundation for Polish Science. PI of the project is Prof. dr hab. Marek Kuś / Group leader dr Michał Oszmaniec.


Project description:

Quantum computers promise savings in time and effort necessary to perform certain computational tasks, which themselves are of great practical relevance for many branches of science and industry. Building a working quantum computer is a notoriously difficult task due to the destructive influence of noise and decoherence affecting large-scale quantum systems. Therefore, one expects that in the near future only devices consisting of a limited number of imperfect qubits (basic units of quantum computers) will be available. Our project aims to characterize the computational power and to investigate possible practical applications of such devices. To realize these ambitious goals, we will form a network of closely collaborating research groups working on cutting-edge aspects of quantum computing: quantum machine learning, control of quantum systems, quantum error-correction and identification resources responsible for quantum speedup.


10000 PLN (up to five years after PhD) or 15000 PLN (5-09 years after PhD). Expected net salary 6500 PLN (1500 EURO) - junior postdoc, or 10000 PLN (2300 Euro) - senior postdoc



Full-time employment for the period of one year with the possible further extensions.

The Institute does not provide accommodation.

Eligibility criteria

Required documen:

1.Curriculum vitae;

2.Research record with a list of publications, and list of research projects (especially those in which the candidate was the principal investigator); PDF files of up to five most important papers of the candidates; a list of talks at conferences and workshops, and a list of academic prizes and awards;

3.Motivation letter

4.Document confirming PhD degree (copies of Master, PhD, habilitation diplomas

  1. Personal questionnaire form (should be downloaded from CTP web site)

6. Names and contact details (e-mail addresses) of two senior researcher who may act as reference for the candidate (The candidate is expected to contact the reference and ask them to email reference letter to rekrutacja@cft.edu.pl The letter must be sent before the deadline.).


Please submit the following documents to:

Submit by email to email address: rekrutacja@cft.edu.pl

Please write in the title of the email “MK/11/2019”


Selection process

An interview is expected. Selection committee reserves the right to invite for the interviews only preselected candidates. The interviews will be held in first week of November (the confirmation will be sent to the prospect candidates shortly after the application deadline).

Seniority of the candidates will not be preferred by default. Instead, the selection committee we will evaluate the expertise of candidates having in mind their qualifications and achievements at the career stage they are at the moment.

Additional comments

  1. Data Administrator

The administrator who is a deciding entity on how your personal data will be used is the Center for Theoretical Physics PAN represented by the Director with the seat in Warsaw Al. Lotników 32/46. You can contact the Administrator by using one of the contact forms available on the website: : http://www.cft.edu.pl/

  1. Data Protection Inspector

The Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences has appointed the Data Protection Inspector (Inspektor Ochrony Danych - IOD) with whom you can contact in all matters relating to your personal data. You can contact the Inspector by sending an email to: iod@cft.edu.pl


Wymagania oferty


Profile of candidates/requirements:


1.Having a doctoral degree in mathematical or physical sciences;

2.Good knowledge of the subject:

a.Quantum information theory

b.Quantum computing

c.Mathematical physics

confirmed by authorship or co-authorship of publications from the above-mentioned fields;

  1. Optionally (not all skills are required at the same time):

    1. programming experience (C ++, Python or Matlab),

    2. experience in programming on quantum computers (Qiskit, Forest)

4.Fluent spoken and written English;

5. Ability to work in a team.

Szczególne wymagania

Key responsibilities include:


1.Conducting research

2.Writing scientific papers.

3.Supervision of phd students

4. Participation in scientific conferences

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Center for Theoretical Physics PAS
Al. Lotników 32/46

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