Residence permits [Warsaw] - new website for procedures

Kategorie: Nowości

The Voivodeship Office (Department for Foreigners) in Warsaw has launched a new website to facilitate and speed up the residence permit application procedures for foreigners residing in the Mazovia region. The website called IN POL is available in English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

As the website is still not yet fully operational, so far it allows to:

  • register a new case
  • fill in the application form correctly and print it out (not submit!)
  • check your case status.

Therefore, persons intending to apply for the residence permits in Warsaw, should register their profile at this new portal. Please note, it is not possible to apply on-line via the portal - you can only fill in the application form and print it out to bring to the Office at a booked appointment. In order to set up the appointment to submit the application documents, you still need to use the old system: https://kolejka-wsc.mazowieckie.pl/rezerwacje/pol/login

The new website should also allow you to gain access to the documents that you have submitted and the documents you have received from the Office.

If, at the registration, you provide your e-mail address and your mobile phone number, the Office will notify you by e-mail or SMS every time they send you a letter notification or document by post.

Link to the IN POL portal