Entry conditions of European citizens

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European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

   1. In order to cross the Polish border, citizens of EEA need a valid identification card (ID) or passport.

   2. They can stay in Poland for the first three months only on the basis of the document.

  3. Those who stay longer than 3 months require to register their stay in the Voivodeship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) of the region (voivodship) where they intend to reside.

The registration procedure is easy and free-of-charge. You need to submit the following documents:

  • application form,
  • employment contract,
  • ID or passport.

The document confirming the registration is a written statement.

The same procedure applies to family members who are also EEA citizens. Family members who are non-European citizens (of other than the above-mentioned countries) can stay in Poland for the 3 months on the basis of their travel document (passport) and afterwards they need to apply for the residence permit. Residence permit is a document that allows a foreign national to reside in Poland legally.

More information for family members

Temporary registration in a municipal/district office

It is a separate procedure called in Polish meldunek) that is obligatory not only for foreigners but also for Polish nationals and is handled at a municipal/disctrict office.

If you are planning to stay in Poland in a certain town for more than 14 days, you need to register in the relevant municipal office of a city/town or city disctrict where you are residing. If you move to another city, town or disctrict, you need to register again. European citizens have to register at latest on 30th day of their stay in Poland.

In order to register you need to present:

  • your personal data (passport or ID card),
  • a flat/apartment/house lease contract or hotel/dormitory reservation document,
  • registration form (signed also by the apartment owner or an authorised person from the hotel/dormitory).