Coronavirus - residence permit application

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Due to the virus situation in Poland, the Voivodeship Offices, which issue residence permits for foreigners, have temporarily suspended all the customer visits in person. In the same time the Offices request that applications for residence permits are sent via Post Offices within the period of foreigner's legal stay in Poland, at latest on its last day (marked by visa validity date or 90th day in case of visa-free movement). The proof of application submission date will be the stamp of the Post Office. Having done that, the foreigner's stay in Poland is continued as legal.

The documents that cannot be sent by Post, such as work contracts or apartment rental agreements, should be sent as xero copies. After the Offices come back to normal functioning, they will request the foreigner to complete the procedure by submitting the original documents and leaving finger prints.

In case of questions, you can contact the Offices by phone of e-mail.