Postdoctoral careers in Europe in and beyond academia

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The EU-LIFE alliance of independent European research institutes in the life sciences organises a webinar on opportunities for post-doctoral researchers in Europe, June 18th, 2021.

Who is a postdoctoral researcher? What opportunities are there for postdocs in Europe? What opportunities do postdocs bring to Europe? Promoting research careers while delivering the broad scope of the research ecosystem is a key challenge within the European Research Area. Innovative models are urgently needed to promote inclusive and rewarding career opportunities for researchers both inside and beyond academia, in particular at the postdoctoral level.

This webinar will focus on postdoctoral researchers to debate what are the key obstacles and drivers for careers in research in Europe in and beyond academia.

A round table debatewith speakers followed by a Questions & Answers session will take place on Friday, 18th June 2021, 15h-16h30 (CET).

Participation is free-of-charge for anyone interested in the topic.

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