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Recognition of qualifications


Recognition of qualifications means recognition of higher education documents (academic diplomas, degrees or titles) necessary for the purpose of further education or employment in Poland.

NAWA - Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange offers an easy tool for recognising foreign diplomas in Poland (Ukrainian diplomas included).

KWALIFIKATOR allows to assess the level and status of qualifications in the country of issue and to learn how a given foreign diploma or degree is recognised in Poland. It also indicates the rights of the diploma holder and their legal basis.

The result - a recognition statement - can be saved as a PDF file. The reliability of information is guaranteed by an electronic signature of NAWA.

The tool is available in Polish and English.


Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, author: Anna Wojnar


Generally speaking, it is the employer who decides at the stage of recruitment on whether to accept your  documents. If the employer is not sure about the validity of a diploma/certificate, he/she can ask for a confirmation of your educational qualifications at the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

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