Poland is in the state of the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. In order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19, the government has introduced certain strict measures.


All citizens who are staying legally in Poland (both on permanent and temporary basis) have the right to get vaccinated against Covid-19. The registration is now open to all citizens, including teenagers over 12 years of age (parents' consent required). Read more on how to get vaccinated

EU Covid-19 certificate

If you want to travel freely within the European Union, the EU Covid certificate is available for vaccinated persons, convalescents and persons with negative Covid-19 test:

  • in the digital form - via your Internet Patient Account
  • in paper form: in the vaccination centres (for vaccinated persons) or at your health clinic, from your GP or nurse (convalescents and persons with the negative test)

Crossing Polish borders: current information on crossing the borders are posted by the Polish Borded Guard.

Visas to Poland: it is recommended to check the information with the Polish consulates abroad as the services may differ from country to ocuntry.

Daily life:

Wearing face masks is not obligatory outside in the open air spaces. In other places such as shops, public transport, shopping centres, medical units, schools, etc the masks have to be used. Children up to 4 years of age are exempted from this requirement.

Means of public transport can be occupied up to 75% of its capacity.

Restaurants and pubs have been open both outdoor and indoor with limitations of guests.

Theatres, cinemasart galleries and museums have been open with a limit of 1 person/15 square metres.

Public offices are open for customers, however, they function within a strict sanitary regime. They may require prior reservation of an appointment. So it is recommended to check their websites for more information. Some Voivode Offices (for residence permits) do not accept customer visits unless you have an appointment.

Childcare and education

Childcare facilities (creches, kindergardens) have been open. Pupils in primary and secondary education are on remote mode till January 10th, 2022. Higher education also takes place on spot unless university authorities decide otherwise.

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EURAXESS Poland welcomes researchers


EURAXESS Poland supports international researchers and their families coming to Poland by providing personalised information related to entry conditions, administrative procedures and life in Poland. Our website is an information point with practical information on their relocation to our country.

Also feel free to contact EURAXESS Centres in Poland!

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