Poland is in the state of the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. In order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19, the government has introduced certain strict measures. Some of them are still in force but with the descreasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in Poland and the increasing number of vaccinated citizens, the rescrictions are gradually being lifted.

Subsequent lifting of resctrictions is planned for May and June 2021 if the Covid-19 cases do not increase again.

Please remember that all citizens who are staying legally in Poland (both on permanent and temporary basis) have the right to get vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the national vaccination schedule based on dates of birth. 

As of May 10th, the registration to receive the vaccination will become open to all citizens over 18 years of age. Read more on how to get vaccinated

Crossing Polish borders:

Still, persons coming to Poland from the EU countries have to undergo the quarantine unless they have been a negative COVID-19 test done within last 48 hours. Persons crossing the external EU borders also have to undergo the quarantine and the negative COVID-19 test done abroad does not prevent from the quarantine. Only the test done in Poland can release them from quarantine.

Persons travelling from India, Brazil and South Africa cannot be released from the quarantine earlier than after 7 days if they have the negative result of the test done in Poland.

Persons who have been vaccinated with the vaccine approved in the EU do not have to undergo the quarantine.

Many international connections (via airplane or train) are still suspended, however, more and more connections are becoming available.

Current information on crossing the borders are posted by the Polish Borded Guard.

Visas to Poland: it is recommended to check the information with the Polish consulates abroad as the services may differ from country to ocuntry. Certain types of visas may not be issued.


Daily life:

Adults have to wear the face masks in all public places, shops, public transport, etc. The masks do not have to be worn in parks, forests, botanic gardens, etc. Also children up to 4 years of age do not have to wear the masks. 

Big shopping centres, theatres, cinemas and are closed. Only art galleries and museums have been open since May 4th, but with a limit of 1 person/15 square metres.

Outdoor sport facilities have been open (as of May 1st) for maximum 50 users. Indoor facilities are open only for organised groups and with 50% of their capacity available.

Public offices are open for customers, however, they function within a strict sanitary regime. They may require prior reservation of an appointment. So it is recommended to check their websites for more information. Some Voivode Offices (for residence permits) do not accept customer visits unless you have an appointment.

Childcare and education

Childcare facilities (creches, kindergardens) have been open since April 19th. Children in grades 1-3 (primary education) are back to schools. Older pupils (grades 4-8), secondary education as well as higher education institutions are still in the the remote mode.

Universities, research institutes mostly work remotely with only some work duties carried out at at their premises.

Means of public transport cannot be fully occupied - 50% of seats or 30% of all places. The number of allowed passangers is posted at the entrance to the bus or tram.

Restaurants and pubs are closed; only take-away sale is possible.

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