Poland is currently in the state of the coronavirus pandemia. In order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19, the government has introduced certain strict measures.


International travels and crossing Polish borders: all international air and rail connections to and from Poland have been suspended and no foreigners are allowed to cross the Polish borders except for those having residence cards or work permits who can only enter via designated land borders. Border controlls have been temporarily introduced on the European Union borders. 


Visas to Poland: it is recommended to check the information with the Polish embassies and consulates abroad as the services may be suspended.


Public offices are closed for customers so contact is only possible by phone or e-mail.


Daily life

All the universities, research institutes and schools have been closed and the employees work remotely. 

Gathering of more than 2 persons is not allowed. Minors have to be accompanied by an adult when going out. It is permitted to go outside only for purposes necessary for everyday existence, such as going to work, doing necessary shopping or walking the dog, etc.

In public transport every second seat has to be empty so that there is no crowd.


All the shopping centres, cinemas, theatres have been closed. Restaurants and other places which serve food are only allowed to sell food to go. Pharmacies and grocery shops remain open with time slots between 10 and 12 a.m. open only for persons aged 60 and over.


As of April 1st all the parks, squares and other recreation spots are also closed.  

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EURAXESS Poland supports researchers coming to Poland by providing practical personalised information related to entry conditions, administrative procedures and life in Poland. Our website is an information point for internationally mobile researchers wishing to come to our country.


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