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The European Union, its Member States and Europeans across the continent are mobilised in support of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We are working on all fronts to support Ukraine with assistance, humanitarian aid and civil protection. This specific initiative wants to support researchers of Ukraine by providing them with an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels.


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Ukrainians and their families staying legally in Poland, have both the right to work in Poland and to register as unemployed. Please find the general information here (in Ukrainian). It is up to the employer to register the employee within two weeks from the start of the employment. Regional employment agencies offer support in finding jobs:


The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage publishes job offers for professionals in the area of art


The Łukasiewicz Research Network is offering job opportunities for Ukrainian scientists


The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange website Research in Poland



The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange has launched an initiative “Solidarity with Ukraine.” It’s aimed at Ukrainian students and doctoral candidates who have arrived in Poland after February 24th , studying, carrying out research or other forms of training (including language or preparatory courses) in Poland within the period from March till September. The education is fee-free and the students receive scholarships. The initiative includes also legal and psychological support. Interested students contact directly the University of their choice. Read more (in Ukrainian)


The National Science Centre - NCN launched a special scheme to allow researchers from Ukraine to continue their research at the Polish research centres. 111 refugee scientists from Ukraine have received funds to cover their research work and remuneration at the Polish academic and research institutions for a period of one year.

A new scheme is now open to PhD candidates. New deadline for applications ia September 16th Read more 

Moreover, NCN opened up an additional channel of support for researchers who are fleeing the war. The principal investigators of NCN-funded projects may use their budgets to employ Ukrainian researchers in their teams. List of available positions.

Teams may employ researchers who hold at least a PhD degree (known as the Candidate of Sciences under the Ukrainian system) and who worked at Ukrainian universities and other research centres before the war. Read more


The Polish Academy of Sciences finished recruitment on April 10th, supporting 200 researchers, with budget of around 790 thousand Euro. It's now looking for further funding opportunities.


The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) is launching a new initiative: the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Programme, financing projects in the field of social sciences and humanities carried out jointly by a pair of scientists from Poland and Ukraine. The programme is addressed to scientists with a doctoral degree, who regardless of nationality prior to February 24th, 2022 worked at institutions conducting scientific research in Ukraine and scientists employed at institutions that conduct scientific research in Poland. First round deadline is April 29th, second September 30th. Read more(in English or Ukrainian)


The Kosciuszko Foundation has started a new grant program for academics from Ukraine with at least PhD degree, who due to Russian invasion are located in Poland and thus are unable to continue their academic work in Ukraine. To obtain the one-time grant of 10 000 PLN, one must meet a condition of being an employee or a co-researcher of either a Ukrainian university or other research unit and provide the necessary documents. The research project described in an application must be carried out in cooperation with either a Polish university or research institution. Read more (in English and Ukrainian)


The German Historical Institute in Warsaw under the umbrella of the Max Weber Foundation is now awarding scholarships to support Ukrainian historians and scholars from related disciplines. In the first phase, funding is provided for three-month research stays at the Institute, starting April 1stRead more (in English and Ukrainian)


The Łukasiewicz Research Network declares its support and readiness to hire Ukrainian scientists. It is a multidisciplinary research network that is located in 12 Polish cities, dealing with R&D in many areas – from logistics and warehousing, aviation technologies, digitization, and microelectronics, through materials science, construction, and energy, to transport and biotechnology. Read more (in English and Ukrainian)


CEEPUS Programme – Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies has extended its offer to Ukrainian scientists coming to Poland. The programme offers short-term mobility to students, doctoral candidates and research staff. Application process is now openRead more


Member States and Associated countries

The Commission and EU Member States work together at all levels to channel humanitarian and civil protection support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Below you can find an overview of the most useful information per country: