Junya Yagi, Japan

Categories: Meet the researchers

I came to Poland with my family to join Prof. Piotr Sułkowski's group at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. I was employed as a postdoctoral researcher for his project "Quantum Fields and Knot Homologies" funded by European Research Council, which aims to tackle fundamental questions that lie at the interface of quantum field theory, string theory and knot theory.

As non-EU residents with no knowledge of Polish, we expected to have a hard time obtaining our residence permits and other necessary documents. Then, a staff member at my department recommended us to seek help from EURAXESS Poland. They kindly explained everything we needed to understand and helped us communicate with the immigration and municipal offices, making the applications far easier than we had imagined. We were simply amazed by how supportive and professional they were.

Thanks to the assistance of the EURAXESS staff, our life in Warsaw has been very comfortable. We are especially satisfied with the balanced lifestyle and the quality of food here (and just to let you know, we came to Poland from Italy). They seem to have positive effects on my research as well, and I'm ready to create what will be the most important work of mine here in Poland.