Grants for collaborative research projects with Norwegian partners

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    Institutul Român de Știință și Tehnologie
    Formal sciences
    Natural sciences
    Professions and applied sciences
    Social sciences
    Recognised Researcher (R2) (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
    Established Researcher (R3) (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)
    Leading Researcher (R4) (Researchers leading their research area or field)


The Romanian Institute of Science and Technology invites applications for grants aimed at postdoctoral scientists who wish to lead an independent project within the institute, collaborating with a Norwegian partner. The call is open to all scientists, regardless of current place of work, citizenship or nationality. The research projects may be funded with up to 1.2 million euros for up to 3 years by UEFISCDI, a Romanian research funding agency.

The programme will fund research projects within each of the following thematic areas: Energy; Environment; Health; Social sciences and humanities; ICT; Biotechnology. For more details about the specific topics covered within these thematic areas, see section 3 of the call document.

Our institute welcomes scientists who would like to apply for this funding and, if successful, will work in our institute, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, leading the implementation of the funded projects.

We welcome scientists working in fields that do not require complex laboratory setups, for which the required equipment and supplies can be purchased using the project’s budget. The institute provides office space in downtown Cluj, office furniture, utilities corresponding to normal office use, printers, and administrative support. Projects on machine learning research or that apply machine learning to another field of science may involve some of the machine learning scientists currently working in the institute.

Scientists are invited to send us an expression of interest to lead such a project (in English or Romanian) at grants@rist.ro, including: a preliminary abstract of the project; a CV and a list of publications, or links to webpages including this information; the name of the lead scientist of the Norwegian partner, and links with more information about her/him and her/his organization; and the names and contact details of at least two persons who can provide recommendations.  Please send these expression of interests as soon as possible, but no later than October 31, 2019. 

Following the approval of the expression of interest, scientists will write the applications with the administrative assistance of our staff and will submit the applications for assessment to UEFISCDI. The applications should be written in English. The final applications should be submitted online, through uefiscdi-direct.ro. The deadline for submitting the final applications is December 16, 2019.

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