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Childcare and education


LabFactor, Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, author: Jacek Szabela

The Ministry of National Education is responsible for the development and implementation of educational policy at primary and secondary levels. Educational establishments at these two levels are supervised directly by regional educational authorities (kuratorium) in each of 16 voivodships. Higher education institutions are supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, but enjoy extensive autonomy.

Education in public institutions is free. Non-public establishments in Poland, which charge tuition fees, offer a wide range of programmes at all levels. They are set up on the basis of a permit from the Ministry of National Education or the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as appropriate.

Non-nationals working or studying in bigger cities may send their children to international schools and nursery schools or bilingual establishments where the language of instruction is, for example, English, French or Spanish. A number of higher education institutions offer full degree programmes or selected courses taught in a foreign language.

Children under 3 years of age can attend day nurseries / creches (pl żłobek). There are public/publicly-funded and private nurseries and you have to pay for both but the rates differ substantially. Public units may only charge for food/catering and in the private ones you may have to pay also for the care, maintenance and equipment, etc. Prices in the public nurseries are defined by the local authorities so may differ from region to region.

A child aged 3 to 5 mayattend a nursery school / kindergarten (pl przedszkole), which is not compulsory either and the decision remains at its parents’ discretion. Similarly, the kindergartens can be run by the state or by private organizations/individuals. Some private units offer their activities in languages other than Polish.


You can also hire a babysitter. Job offers can be found online at various job and advert platforms.


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