European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers

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Charter and Code were developed by the European Commission as a part of the European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers aimed at improvement of working conditions and career development for researchers in Europe. The documents include 40 principles addressed to scientists, employers and research funding organisations active both in the public and private sector in the EU Member States.

  • Charter describes rights and duties which should be respected by scientists, employers and research funding organisations in order to act responsibly and as professionals within their working environment
  • Code describes recruitment procedures that employing institutions should implement in order to assure equal treatment and favourable working conditions for all scientists in Europe.

The adoption of the Charter & Code rules is voluntary which means that any European research institution can implement its principles. Institutions that successfully follow the Charter and Code are awarded by the European Commission with the Human Resources Excellence in Research logo.

In Poland more and more institutions are implementing the Charter and Code principles following recommendations and incentives developed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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More information at the European Commission's EURAXESS website.