An agreement between a non-EU scientist and a research institution

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According to the new foreigners law in Poland, scientists applying for a visa to Poland should present (at a Polish embassy/consulate) a signed agreement with a Polish research institution (so called hosting institution) acreddited for this purpose by the Polish Ministry of Interior.

The agreement should include the following points:

a) title or objective of scientific research or development activities and their scope,

b) committment by the scientist to participate in scientific research or development activities,

c) committment by the research institution to provide appropriate conditions for the scientist to conduct the research,

d) start and end dates or anticipated duration of the scientific research or development activities,

e) scientist's remuneration and other empoyment conditions,

f) information on planned research or development activities in other European Union countries.


Another novelty is that a foreign scientist should also present a written statement of the Polish hosting institution that, in the event that a scientist remains illegally in Poland, the institution is responsible for reimbursing the costs related to the stay and return incurred by public funds. The financial responsibility of the research organisation will end at the latest six months after the termination of the hosting agreement.


The same documents (agreement and the above statement) have to be submitted by the scientists when applying for the temporary residence permit for the purpose of conducting scientific research in Poland (so called residence card for a scientist).


The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange prepared and published at its website a template of such an agreement in accordance with the foreigners law.


We advise scientists planning to come to Poland to communicate with the Polish employing institutions about these documents. The Polish version of information for employing institutions is available HERE.