Applying for residence permit - practical tips

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In relation to quite frequent negative decisions of the Voivodeship Offices in response to residence permit application, here you can find some practical tips on how to submit the applications properly:

  • it is important to get assistance from your employer in order to receive appropriate documents necessary for the residence permit application (e.g. work contract, health insurance documents, annex 1). In addition, it is helpful to have support of a Polish-speaker as the information on the Voivodeship Offices websites may be available only in Polish and the application form has to be filled in in Polish only;
  • always check the list of required documents at the website of the Voivodeship Office of the region (voivodeship) where you reside; it is the main source of legally binding information, including up-to-date application forms and annexes; 
  • it is recommended to apply for the permit in person (after booking the visit in the Office) instead of sending the documents by post. Sending them by post prolongs the whole procedure (even by 3 months!) due to many letters received by the Offices every day. Also you need to leave your finger prints which is done at the visit;
  • make sure your application form is filled in properly, in Polish, according to the given instructions, with all the fields completed. If no information applies in a certain field (e.g. previous name or special marks), then put a horizontal line (-) or "BRAK" (not applicable);
  • remember to provide your correct contact information - address, e-mail and phone number, as the Office will communicate with you this way to inform you about any missing documents or the final decision. If any of your contact details change, inform the Office immediately; 
  • sign the application form where necessary;
  • submit ALL the required documents at the visit. This will prevent from any delays in the procedure (which already takes a few months!). If any of the documents is missing or incorrectly filled in, the Office will ask you to bring the document within a deadline of 7 or 14 days. If you fail to submit any of the required documents, the Office will issue the negative decision;
  • make sure all the submitted documents are valid at the time of the Office's decision (so for several months in advance). If in the meantime any of the documents expires (e.g. your work or apartment contract), you need to submit the re-newed/new document without waiting for the request from the Office;
  • in case of the negative decision, note that the appeal procedure takes several months too, that is why it is so important to submit all the documents correctly and on time!

You can find some information about residence permits applicable to scientific employees at our website.

If you have questions or need assistance with your application form, feel free to contact us.