Influence of COVID-2019 on researchers work and mobility

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Covid-19 changes researchers’ work, interaction and mobility dramatically!

Beyond its huge impact on health, welfare of both societies and economies, Covid-19 is greatly affecting academic research. Pandemic restrictions influence not only the way the researchers work but also create new barriers for interacting with peers, for ensuring continuity in funding of research work, setting-up and pursuing international research collaborations and for disseminating research results, as conferences, meetings and workshops are cancelled.

Why another survey?

Because knowledge about the pandemic’s implications for researchers and for EU-centric researcher mobility is still extremely limited.

That is why we designed a survey to gather information so that a rational, fact-based dataset can be prepared. Analysing the information gathered will produce transferrable lessons learnt for researchers to help them cope and thrive despite today’s – and maybe tomorrow’s - challenges.


That is why… We invite you to participate in the short survey!

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