Meeting in Paris: “Funding opportunities for researchers in Poland”

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The National Science Centre in Poland and the Foundation for Polish Science are pleased to invite you to information meeting “Funding opportunities for researchers in Poland” which will take place on 14 November 2017 in Paris.

The event is a unique occasion to get acquainted with opportunities that Poland offers to outstanding researchers. Why Poland? The best answer is the one given by people who have already chosen this country and successfully conduct high-level research in the heart of Europe.

They will be there. Come, listen and talk.

When? 14 November 2017

Where? Centre Scientifique de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences à Paris: 74, rue Lauriston - 75116 Paris

How to register? Please send a short confirmation e-mail with your personal data to promocja@ncn.gov.pl ‘till November 10th to make sure you’re in. There is no registration fee.

Any other questions? Please contact Marcin Liana (NCN) at marcin.liana@ncn.gov.pl

More information and programme