NGI Explorers - 1st Call Open!

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The Next Generation Internet (NGI) Explorers is the European Commission program to launch Europe’s Top Researchers and Innovators into Technology Expeditions to the United States. It aims to shape the future internet and ensure the progressive adoption of advanced concepts and methodologies spanning the domains of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, interactive technologies and more, while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric.

The Call is open for high profile Internet Researchers and Innovators (from academia, startups, SMEs and Industry) from all over Europe and H2020 associated countries. NGI offers among others 3-6 months Expedition in the USA 100% sponsored and working with a US partner.

Deadline: Wednesday 31st July, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. CEST

More details: https://www.ngi.eu/