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NEWS14 Apr 2022NEWS

Support to scientists from Ukraine


The Polish Academy of Sciences was among the very first to support Ukrainian researchers, inviting them to its Institutes for research stays of three to six months. The first call for proposals was announced on March 1st and the budget was exhausted within four days. The Polish Academy of Sciences was able to extend its initiative with the support of international organizations PAS is a member of and thanks to its partnership with the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

The recruitment finished on April 10th, the Polish Academy of Sciences was able to help 200 researchers, most of them women, with budget of around 790 thousand Euro.

The Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences help Ukrainian refugees in many respects, offering free accommodation, free meals, free language courses or additional contracts.

While the Polish Academy of Sciences continues looking for funding opportunities that would allow it to continue its activities, it advocates to set up funding schemes addressed to researchers at risk and calls for funding programs which would allow for continuation of research activities in Ukraine, as well as for reconstruction of Ukrainian research infrastructure destroyed by the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine.

Summary of the activities carried out by the Polish Academy of Sciences in support of Ukrainian scholars at risk



You can find complete information on various initiatives supporting scientists and students from Ukraine on dedicated page