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Healthcare for pregnant women

If you are insured within the public healthcare system in Poland (National Health Fund - NFZ) all the the medical services provided by the public hospitals and clinics are free-of-charge. Therefore, having found out that you are expecting a baby, you should register at a chosen hospital or clinic to remain under medical control from the earliest weeks of the pregnancy. The medical services include regular check-ups carried out by a gynaecologist (usually once a month), blood tests, USG scans, etc., whatever is prescribed by your doctor, the labour and post-labour care including. The post-labour care means the necessary 2-3-day stay at the hospital, several check-ups of the new-born baby as well as home visits of a midwife to which women are entitled within 8 weeks after the labour (having registered the baby at a chosen medical centre). Therefore, after the baby is born (or even earlier) it is recommended to register the newborn at a chosen medical facility in order to receive further healthcare services, including all the vaccines that are obligatory in line with the Polish healthcare system. More about vaccination in Poland in Healthcare section.

If - for some reason - you prefer to use private healthcare clinics, you will have to pay for all the medical services, including the labour and post-labour care. 

Within 21 days after the birth, you have to register the newborn at the Registry Office (USC) and settle down the legal status of your baby. The following cases are possible:

  • one of the baby’s parents is a Pole – the newborn is automatically given the Polish citizenship; remember to write down the parent’s details in the birth certificate; in this case the baby does not need a permit to stay on the territory of Poland. If the parents want their child to have the non-Polish citizenship of the other parent, they have to file a citizenship selection declaration at the right Voivodship Office within 3 months from the date of the birth. In such a case the baby needs to the permit to stay in Poland;
  • one of the baby’s parents has a Pole's Card or other document confirming their Polish origin – in such a case the newborn may be granted the same legal status (including permanent residence permit),
  • neither of the baby’s parents is a Pole but one of them has a permanent residence permit on the territory of Poland – the newborn should be granted the same type of permit if only he/she was born during the permit's validity period. Otherwise they can apply for the temporary residence permit on the basis of family relations.
  • one of the baby’s parents has a visa or a temporary residence permit – the baby can be granted the same type of permit, if he/she was born while the visa or permit was valid. The parent has to apply for the permit for the baby in a relevant Voivodship Office as soon as possible after the baby receives his/her passport.

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