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Polish taxation system consists of several types of taxes. As the legislator imposes fines on tax evasion, it is essential to remember about making payments and submitting tax declarations within due time.

Below you will find a list of those Polish taxes which are the most relevant to researchers.


In general terms, everyone working in Poland (usually it means a stay of at least 183 days of the calendar year) is a taxpayer here and is liable on their globally-earned income regardless of the place from where remuneration is received. In case of temporary residence, only the income coming from the Polish sources, irrespective of where it is received, is subject to taxation in Poland. The detailed regulation is included in international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation signed by Poland with over 80 countries.



Each year between February and April 30th, all employees who worked in Poland in the previous year, have to submit their annual Personal Income Tax declarations (PIT) to the fiscal authorities. There are various PIT forms marked with different numbers but the most common form is PIT-37 for employees not running their own business. 

In order to submit your tax declaration, first before end of February your employer has to provide you with the PIT-11 form which includes information on paid taxes.

The annual tax declaration can be submitted to the tax authorities in four main ways:

  • on-line via the e-pit official government system,
  • on-line using the e-declaration tool of the Ministry of Finance,
  • on paper submitted in person to the relevant Tax Office competent for your place of residence (address),
  • if you are currently outside of Poland, you can also file your tax declaration to a Polish consulate.

Please note that the forms and on-line systems are in the Polish language.

Note: parents who submit their PIT declarations in Poland are entitled to certain tax return based on the number of raised children. Read more

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