Polish national visa (D) - new regulations

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The amended Act on Foreigners has introduced some changes related to Polish national visas (D type). The changes have been in force since 1 December 2020 and they are as follows:

  • foreigners applying for the national visa and foreigners entering Poland are obliged to have a medical travel insurance valid for the whole planned stay in Poland in case when no national health insurance is provided in Poland (e.g. by the employer or university - in case of students). The list of various insurance providers meeting the Polish legal requirements is published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • a deadline for issuing the Polish national visa has been specified to 15 days from the date of submitting the visa application. In complicated cases when it is necessary to consult the Polish Office for Foreigners this period can be extended;
  • visa application form has been modified; students and doctoral candidates are now obliged to give (apart from the name and address of the university/doctoral school) information on the field of study or scientific/artistic discipline - in case of the doctoral program - and information on the term or year of study;
  • it is also required to give information on the work permit or exemption from having the work permit*.

* In Poland scientists employed at universities, institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences and public research institutes are not required to have the work permit. More information about work permit


For information on the required documents for the Polish visa application as well as on any restrictions related to ussing the visas during the pandemic, please consult the relevant Polish embassy or consular unit (check their websites, news sections).


See new visa application form:


visa_application_form_2020_eng.pdf (55.88 KB)