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Life in Poland is a cultural composition of traits belonging to both Eastern and Western European countries. For some differences of lifestyle and culture may be astonishing, especially for citizens of countries located in distant parts of the world, while for others they may be slightly visible. That is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with basic information about daily life in Poland.

Below you will find information which can help you to settle down.


Laundry room, dormitory, Medical University of Warsaw, author: Dział Fotomedyczny WUM

Laundries (PL pralnia) and dry-cleaner’s (PL pralnia  chemiczna)

Cleaning services (wet and dry cleaning) include washing and dry cleaning as well as dyeing of clothes, carpets, etc. In one of numerous dry-cleaners, you will usually have your cleaning done in a few hours. Self-service laundries are not popular in Poland, therefore only large cities have a few of them.



Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, author: Tomasz Lewandowski

Veterinary clinic (PL klinika  weterynaryjna)

If you have a pet and need to consult a veterinary surgeon, you will find a large number of veterinary surgeries and clinics, many of which are open for 24 hours. They provide a wide range of services, including: emergency treatment, diagnosis and all types of treatment for small and large pets vaccinations (e.g. against rabies, which your dog is required to have every year) and check-ups for dogs and cats which are necessary to obtain a health certificate from the competent veterinary authorities, if you wish to take your pet abroad.

Translation agencies (PL agencja tłumaczeń or biuro tłumaczeń)

Numerous translation agencies offer interpreting and translation from and into many languages. You may also need a sworn (certified) translator, because documents translated and certified by them are recognised for official purposes.

Here you can find an official list of sworn translators in Poland - you have to choose the language (PL język).


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